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International fan of the week - Daniel from Wales

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Daniel and I am from Wales. Tell us something interesting about yourself? Not really much to tell! I’m a huge music fan and love music from all over the world. I collect vinyl and have a huge hoard of Eurovision singles on vinyl from 1956 to 2017, including some really rare pressings!

Love vinyl, would be very jealous of this collection ~ Aussievision

When did you first get into Eurovision?

I’ve been interested in Eurovision since I was a child. The first contest I remember watching was 1991 - I was 5 and allowed to stay up to watch the end! I watched every year from 1996 after going crazy for Gina G.

Gina G and Australia bringing the Eurovision love! What is your favourite Eurovision year and why?

My favourite Eurovision year, without a doubt, is 2003. It was the year that really cemented my fandom and when Eurovision started to become an obsession. It was the first of the ‘modern’ contests and I just remember being absolutely wowed by the stage and the screens in the floor which had never been used before.

Snap! Both big fans of that year, it changed Eurovision.

Do you think the UK has started to get its Eurovision mojo back? I’m not sure about the UK getting its mojo back. The BBC have made steps towards putting some more effort in but I don’t think they’ll ever do enough in order to secure another win for the UK. The BBC don’t need to win again and probably don’t want to.

What Eurovision song:

Is your favourite Sertab Erener - Every Way That I Can. I wish I could know how many times I’ve played this song over the last 15 years!

Why didn't we get you on here sooner. It's both our favourite Eurovision song of all time. Great choice. Is overrated: This is a tough one. I’d have to say Måns Zelmerlöw’s ‘Heroes’ - there were other songs which should have won in 2015. Was robbed: Dami Im and ‘Sound of Silence’.

Yep. Had the best live performance: For me, the best live performance at Eurovision was Pastora Soler with ‘Quedate Conmigo’ in 2012. That vocal was phenomenal. Still gives me goosebumps when I watch it. Did you last play? The Eurovision song I last played was ‘Fuego’ by Eleni Foureira. It was playing in the car as I got home this evening.

Hmm not officially Eurovision until it's up on that stage but we'll let you off as it's a banger. Is your guilty pleasure? ‘Have Some Fun’ by Tereza Kerndlova from the Czech Republic in 2008. The whole thing was such a mess but I love it! Any Honourable Mentions? Edyta Gorniak and ‘To Nie Ja’ (Poland 1994). One of my all time favourites and doesn’t get enough credit anymore for being amazing. What are you favourites in the 2018 contest so far? France was my early favourite and is still up there. Australia is probably my favourite at the moment with Cyprus, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan and Belgium getting heavy rotation this week.

We're pretty much on board with most of these as well. Even Azerbaijan! What do you think about Australia being in Eurovision? I fully welcome Australia at Eurovision - I remember being so excited when the guest participation was announced in 2015 and then Guy was selected as the representative. I met him in the run-up to the 2015 contest and had a complete fan girl moment! I hope the Australian participation becomes a more permanent fixture as the results speak for themselves! And your thoughts on our song ‘We Got Love’ and Jessica Mauboy? Jessica’s song is exactly what I want from Eurovision! The song is strong and I immediately thought it was a successor to ‘Sea of Flags’. Jessica just needs to give us a stronger live performance than she did in Copenhagen in 2014. I predict another Top Ten result for Australia. I’ve been a fan of Jess since seeing her in The Sapphires years ago so I’m really excited for her Eurovision participation. Sea of Flags, Tonight Again, Sound of Silence or Don’t Come Easy? I’ve loved everything Australia has put on the Eurovision stage so far but for me, nothing can beat ‘Sound of Silence’. I was a fully paid up member of the #DamiArmy and was so disappointed when she was pipped at the last hurdle.

Daniel it's been a pleasure, we could have almost made you an Australian Eurovision fan of the week!!

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