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Jessica's rivals at Eurovision

Jessica Mauboy is one of the early favourites for Eurovision following the release of her song 'We Got Love'.

Not all countries have revealed their songs and artists but out of the 30+ who have she sits 4th in international betting markets. So who are her rivals?


The current bookies favourite is Elina Nechayeva from Estonia. Her song 'La Forza' is, wait for it, an operatic song where she performs in a giant dress not moving at all. Her live performance is powerful and saw her take home 70% of the public vote in her national final.


Representing Finland is Saara Aalto that some may know as runner-up on the 2016 edition of X Factor UK. Her song 'Monsters' was widely lauded by critics and fans but a recent live performance has seen her odds cool off. She is arguably one of the biggest stars competing so will have every chance of doing well.


Czech Republic have only ever made the Eurovision final once but this year they have a real contender. Former model Mikolas Josef is performing with 'Lie To Me' an upbeat song with trumpets that wouldn't go astray on a Bruno Mars or Justin Timberlake album (though definitely an album track - no lead single here). He has the looks and some interesting lyrics and is sure to grab some attention.


A little lower in the betting markets but a huge fan favourite. The married couple have a cool French synth pop ballad about a refugee born at sea migrating to Europe. It has substance but will being sung in French lose the impact of its strong message?


Spain chose their artist and song through a Big Brother style reality competition where musicians lived together non-stop. So of course two of them ended up hooking up and started a relationship. Their winning song was a love song duet which is sure to melt hearts of teenage girls across Europe (and a few of us oldies). An outsider not without a chance.

However yet to release officially announce or chose their songs are big guns Sweden and Russia so things can still definitely change. Additionally genres like country rock and heavy metal rock are also making an appearance.

But at the moment Jessica has every chance of doing us proud in Lisbon.

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