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This Saturday Night, 90s icon Whigfield is attempting to make Eurovision

90s pop icon Whigfield is back and attempting to represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon.

Whigfield is known for her big hits 'Saturday Night' which went to number 1 in Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain and the big one... the UK where it sold over 1 million copies. In Australia 'Sexy Eyes' was her biggest hit reach no. 6 and going platinum.

Now performing under her real name 'Sannie', the 47-year-old has entered with the song 'Boys on Girls' which is probably what you imagine it to be about.

The lyrics however don't just include the heterosexuals though... they also include boys on boys and.... girls on girls. A sample of her lyrics below.

And when the lights, when the lights go down,

We can start it right, start it right now,

Let’s turn the lights, turn the lights down…

All I see is boys on girls and girls on boys,

Girls on girls and boys on boys,

Boys on girls and girls on boys, Girls on girls and boys on. boys.

Listen to her song below:

Sannie will compete in the Danish song selection process this.. Saturday Night (see what we did there!), which is actually Sunday morning in Australia....

She has promised a steamy performance, telling Danish television: “It will be sexy. It will be hot. It will be a very sensual dance and there is a bit with girls and a bit with boys and then I am in the middle."

The song is sitting at 7th in the odds (out of 10 songs) and 8th in fan polling, so it's a long shot but still a chance. Team Sannie all the way!

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