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Whigfield attempts to make Eurovision

Yesterday Denmark announced the 10 artists competing to represent them in Lisbon this year.

The 10 will compete in their national final Dansk Melodi Grand Prix on 10 February.

Among the artists announced was 'Sannie' also known as Whigfied who was responsible for the world wide hits 'Saturday Night' and 'Sexy Eyes' during the 90s. A reminder if you have somehow forgotten or under the age of 25.

  • Albin Fredy - "Music for the Road"

  • Anna Ritsmar - "Starlight"

  • CARLSEN - "Standing Up for Love"

  • Ditte Marie - "Riot"

  • KARUI - "Signals"

  • Lasse Meling - "Unfound"

  • Rasmussen - "Higher Ground"

  • Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe - "Holder fast i ingenting" (Stuck on nothing)

  • Sandra - "Angels to My Battlefield"

  • Sannie - "Boys on Girls"

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