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Mikolas v Debbi - our 'Normal' Jury results

Now in the fandom we can all get a bit to close or even emotionally attached to make rational decision. We declare what the public or jury will think of them and if we're honest... often get it wrong (though I still think we're mainly right!).

To counter this we have put a group together of 'normal' people who like Eurovision and watch once a year but aren't obsessed. They probably can't even claim one major semi final robbery...

Each week we will give them two songs to listen to from the National Finals and declare their winner and thoughts. This week it is Mikolas Josef 'Lie to Me' vs Debbi and 'High on Love' - our two favourites from the Czech selections.

Votes and comments below...

Mikolas Josef - Lie To Me

Yes votes and comments

  • Mikolas for sure!

  • The clear winner is ‘lie to me’ - lovely bit of Poundland Timberlake there

  • Much more catchy!

No votes and comments

  • Like Bruno Mars album track without the charm... or English level.... but inexplicably with a muted trumpet. I hate it.

  • Jason DeRulo on a budget

  • Sounds like one of the one direction lads who needs a "filler track" on their next album. Anyone could be singing that song, nothing too spesh about it.

  • Some of the weirdest lyrics I’ve heard in a while. The lines about making a puddle and dripping on wood made me want to throw up and the line about the camel made no sense!

  • Not stand out immediate ear grabbing song

Debbi - High On Love

Yes votes and comments

  • High on Love was also quite uplifting and even though there were moments it was “colour by number” pop or maybe a little ten years ago, it was still an enjoyable track I could enjoy seeing performed live

  • I think Debbie sounds much more like a Eurovision entrant. Also a bit more catchy.

  • She has a great voice and i'd say the live performance would be really enjoyable to watch.

  • Debbi's High on Love sounds like the incidental music from a Jamie Oliver show, that said Im really into it!

  • Wow I went in to hate this Debbi song but it's great. Doesn't feel very Euro though eh? Fun but I'm sure forgettable.

No votes and comments

  • High on love is 90s in a bad way - a bit Gabrielle, a bit M People. Truly forgettable.

  • Not catchy

And the winner is by 5 votes to 3 is....

Debbi - High On Love

A surprising result... Debbi is chosen in a head to head but will she stand out in 43 songs? What do you think?

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