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  • Dale

Three ways to rank your Eurovision favourites.

Ok so you want to decide your top 10, your picks to make it through to the final or even rank all 42 songs. It can be quite the difficult task.... here's some of the sites and methods we found helpful to decide your favourites.

1. My Eurovision Scorecard

This app allows you to rank you to rank your top 10 clicking (or thumbing) your songs and moving them around in order. It also features a handy preview of each song's audio in case you've forgotten the magical lyrics of Azerbaijan or ground breaking song structure of San Marino.

Once you've ranked and saved your top 10, those results go into the overall community ranking. you can then check out how all users have ranked your favourite songs.

2. Mr Gerbear's Eurovision Favourite Sorter

Ok you need to get comfortable for this one but it's totally worth it. You are presenting with two songs in a head to head battle and you choose your favourite. You continue this over and over again until it automaticlaly works out your order for all 42 songs. Pretty impressive! It did take me around 150 battles to get there but the overall result did reflect my thoughts and tastes.

3. Playlist, pen and paper

Hey it's old fashioned but sometimes the easiest way to rank your favourites. Watch the Eurovision YouTube playlist grab a pen and paper and rank your favourites.

We recommend the score out of 100 method. Ranking out of 5 stars or out of 10 will get far too many duplicates. It works for us...!

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